Passes dropping in #Virginia for #festival #event #bbq #music #fun #june

Passes dropping in #Virginia for #festival #event #bbq #music #fun #june

Welcome Butt-A-Bing Professional BBQ Team

buttabingWelcome Maryland team Butt-A-Bing BBQ !  Pitmaster Chris Gosnell is in the house at Hogging Up competing for fame and glory!  Can this Maryland team take the throne in Virginia? You have to wait and see!  He will be representing Millersville, MD in the KCBS competition! Woot Woot!



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Become a BBQ Judge like Neil from Martinsburg WV

Neil from Martinsburg, WV has taken the next step to Kevin to be a future KCBS judge! 

BAR-B-QUE Mayham From Waynesboro PA Welcome Jerry Gates


Bar-b-que Mayham BBQ Competition Team and Catering is in the house! These guys compete and sell roadside from Greencastle, PA!   These two guys who love to Q will be led by  Pitmaster Jerry Gates  representing Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Do they have what it takes to win fame and glory at Hogging Up? Wait and see!

Bar-B-Que Mayham

Connect more with them:    Facebook  Website

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Smokin’ Deeze Thaangs from Glen Burnie MD in the House


Don Smallwood and team “Smokin’ Deeze Thaangs” is in the house from our home state of Maryland. Does SMOKIN DEEZE THAANGS have what it takes to win fame and glory in Clear Brook, Virginia? You must wait and find out at Hogging Up BBQ Festival!

Team: Smokin’ Deeze Thaangs

Pitmaster: Donald Smallwood

Representing:  Glen Burnie, Maryland


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Welcome the Simpsons , Adams Ribs to the Backyard BBQ Competition

Welcome Dave and David Simpson who are “Adams Ribs” team working for fame and glory in the Clear Brook backyard competition! 

Becoming a KCBS Judge : Welcome Kevin from Charlestown West Virginia

We know it’s April first but it’s no fooing here, Welcome to Kevin from Charlestown who has taken the next step to be a future KCBS judge! 

Prize Money Page Updated Professional Teams

Prize MoneyWoot Woot our prize money page has been updated with some more gifties.

Recent updates:

Trophies will be awarded from 6th – 10th place due to our eco trophy collection system (and because we love our competitors.)

Addition to People’s Choice, sponsor gift basket worth $100 making total prize value of $300. The basket includes a pair of Mr. Grill gloves.

Addition to Dessert and Anything Butt – a…

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Jewelry Booths Are Filled : No More Jewelry Vendors

Hogging Up is filled with jewelry. We are now only accepting looking for:

BBQ Sauces
Cooking Merchandise
Kitchen Merchandise
Novelty Items
Artisans other than jewelry
Kids Toys
Business Vendors

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Passion Sky Creations

Passion Sky Creations makes handmade couture designs using semi precious stones, pearls and crystals. Beautiful for weddings, special events and fashion minded individuals!

Come and see them at Hogging Up!


Web Store

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Good Sam Event with Candy Hill Campground

GOOD SAMHogging Up Virginia BBQ & Music Festival wishes to remind you that we’ve been named a 2014 Good Sam Event. If you have a big rig or want a picturesque place to camp, you can go here to Candy Hill website to get the Good Sam special rate discount, which includes your entry to the festival and a special perks/discounts  at the campgrounds!  What a great deal.



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Welcome Sidney to Kids Q Contest

Our Kids Q contest is heating up! , Sidney from Great Falls, Virginia will be grilling it up for fame and glory. 

Pavone Brothers BBQ is Back!

Pavone Brothers is Back!  We’d like to extend a huge Hogging Up welcome to Pitmaster Dave Pavone of  …

Mr. Grill Grill Gloves People’s Choice and Backyard Award

mr grill gloves

We’ve got Mr. Grill on board who is donating some of their heavy duty grill gloves for some of our prizes. Woot Woot! We are happy to have them sponsoring our event and love their gloves. You an see an unbiased review here. 

These gloves are made special to withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees. For those of you who want to grab those grill grates and / or hot pans, now you can.


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Smokin’ Gnome BBQ There are Gnomes in Winchester Who Let the Gnomes Out?

smokin' gnome bbqWho let the gnomes out? They have returned to compete for fame and glory from Shippensburg, PA. These guys deserve a big “Hogging Up” welcome and will be competing for prizes fame and glory at the Frederick County Fairgrounds in Winchester Virginia. Led by Pitmaster, Sal Gobat,who loves Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce………a little gnome is in the house

Connect with Smokin’ Gnome:

Facebook Page


Smokin' Gnome BBQ

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